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A first look is a concept that has been around for awhile now! It's where you and your groom see each other before your ceremony. Why? It's an intimate time for just the two of you to take in together. Some couples  choose to write their own vows or letters and read them to one another. Another perk is you're able to take ALL pictures before the ceremony so that you're able to  go straight to your reception and  begin your party with your guests! 

WHAT IS A First look?

A second shooter is another photographer who comes alongside me and assists me throughout a wedding day.  An extra set of hands, eyes, and feet is always a good thing! They are able to  capture different angles throughout your day.  Plus, I edit the images they take and add them to your gallery! 

What is a second shooter?

 My biggest regret when planning my own wedding was not  doing a bridal session. This is the perfect opportunity to have a trial run for your hair and makeup, see which accessories you love with your dress, and to wear your dress more than ONCE! I also ALWAYS encourage bridal sessions because it is another opportunity to build a relationship with you. Just you + your dress + your photog!

Why should i do a bridal session?

I remember being so excited and anxious about my own engagement sesh.  If you're anything like me, you're going to buy a new outfit, end up not wearing it, and go buy something else the week before. Don't worry, I have an ENTIRE guide to help prepare you for your  sesh! I have included so many tips for colors to wear and how to prep your man for your sesh! 

WHAT should i wear to my engagement session?

If the first thing you did was reach out to secure your wedding venue, you might have been surprised how far in advance  vendors book out! It's never too early to book. I book weddings as far as two years in advance. Don't wait!