The Purpose of a Posing Workflow

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You may be wondering, “What is the purpose of a posing workflow?”

Have you ever been in the middle of a session and your mind literally went BLANK.

You stalked Pinterest sitting in your car waiting for your clients to arrive.

You scribbled some poses down on your hand.

You’re officially lost and things are getting AWKWARD.

THIS is why you need a posing workflow. One that is easy to remember and seamless for ANY type of session.

There are THREE reasons WHY you need a Posing Workflow.

Client Confidence

The NUMBER one purpose of a posing workflow is to make your clients feel confident in FRONT of the camera. This leads to a positive client experience. The top compliment I receive from clients is: “You made us feel so natural and comfortable in front of your camera.” How your client FEELS during their session is how they are going to FEEL about their images after the session. Even if you deliver the best gallery you’ve ever done, if they felt uncomfortable during the experience, they’re not going to love their images. Period.

a facebook review from a mother leaves a glowing review for a photographer specifically speaking about the style and client experience

Your Own Confidence

A posing workflow also makes YOU feel confident behind the camera. When you feel like you know what the heck you’re doing, it shows. It shows in your body language, the way you interact with your clients, AND in the final product- the images. Let me tell you, if you don’t know what the heck you’re doing, it DEFINITELY negatively shows all in those same exact ways.

A Posing Workflow and The Final Product

Last but not least, incorporating a seamless posing workflow allows you to create natural images. When everything flows together, you can focus on delivering an incredible client experience. When you’re relaxed and confident and they are too, it’s the perfect combo for creating authentic images!

Don’t let posing intimidate you! As important as creating a beautifully composed and properly exposed image is, the most important component of an image is the people in it! Want my posing workflow? Check out the blog here where I reveal my EXACT posing workflow! Be sure to hop on in my FREE Facebook education group where I go LIVE weekly and offer other free resources, tips, and tricks!


I am a light and airy Motherhood and Wedding photographer based in Southeast Alabama. I am also a photography educator for beginner photographers looking to learn their camera and launch their dream biz!

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