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I get asked quite often, “How the heck do you remember ALL of the poses you do? Do you have a cheat sheet on your phone?” My answer: “I have something even better: my three step posing workflow”.

I have to be honest. I once was the person who set their posing cheat sheet as the background on their phone to refer to during a session. If that’s you, no shame in your game. I got exhausted on always looking at my phone and felt rude and awkward doing it in the middle of sessions. I knew something had to change. That’s when I began implementing my three step posing workflow. Before you read anymore, if you want to know WHY a posing workflow is so needed, you can read that blog here. 

I can’t believe I am doing this, but I am revealing my EXACT posing workflow that I use at any and every session. I am a Motherhood and Wedding photographer so I work with couples, families, and mamas! You’re going to want to keep on reading because this is pure gold.

The end goal here is to get the MOST variety without having your subjects move a ton. The three steps in my workflow are: change their hand placement, change their head placement, and change your composition.  It really is that simple. Choose a pose to start with and implement these three steps. You will be able to get 15-20+ images from just ONE pose implementing these three steps. 

Changing Head Placement

There’s no perfect way to do this. We obviously want to start with smiling at the camera. For guys, they can look to the left, look to the right, or look at a prop.

For girls, they can look down their shoulders, look to the left or right, or look at a prop.

Changing Hand Placement

Once I’ve chosen a specific way to change head placement, I will then change their hand placement. For guys, you can have their hands in their pockets, their hand on or holding a prop, or holding the lapel of their jacket.

For girl’s hands you can have them swishing their dress, their hand to their hair, or holding a prop. 

Changing Composition

During ALL of this I am moving my feet to get different composition shots from each pose. I like to do far away, waist up, and then get my composition shots. Once I finish, I start from the top of the workflow with a new pose and go back through the process again! 

It really is that simple. Do you see how you can create SO many images from just one pose by implementing my simple posing workflow? I hope this helps! Interested in learning how to pose couples better? Check out this blog HERE

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I am a light and airy Motherhood and Wedding photographer based in Southeast Alabama. I am also a photography educator for beginner photographers looking to learn their camera and launch their dream biz!

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