Three Reasons to Implement a Client Closet

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Since starting my client closet in May 2022, I have had countless photographers ask me WHY the heck do I need a client closet? I know it’s expensive and it’s hard to find reliable websites with quality dresses. Let me tell you, it is well worth the investment. I am telling you my top three reasons to implement a client closet!

Reason 1.: It Elevates Your Biz

You have no idea just how much this sent my business into an entirely new market I never thought I could reach. Having an assortment of quality dresses that are high end and might I say, BEAUTIFUL, is one of the easiest ways to elevate your business. When you elevate your biz, you raise those prices!

Reason 2: It Sets You A Part

I can guarantee that few, if any, photographers in your area have implemented a client closet into their business. Take this opportunity to SET YOURSELF A PART from the market. Chances are they’ve bought into the common misconception that it’s too difficult and expensive to start a client closet.

*psstt, they’re wrong.*

Reason 3: It Enhances Your Client Experience

I kid you not, every session the number one thing I hear from new and reoccurring clients is: “Your client closet seriously made this a one-of-a-kind experience.” Anything to make a client feel less stressed and more comfortable is a major NECESSITY in my book. A client closet is one of the easiest ways to make the experience you offer EVEN BETTER.

THESE are the reasons why you should implement a client closet into your business TODAY! Don’t sleep on adding a client closet to your experience. My fav store to shop at is Baltic Born. Here’s a little discount for you on your next purchase! This leveled up my business in SO many ways. NO ONE was offering this in my area when I began implementing it. I swear this is one huge reason my Motherhood Membership Program exploded. Need a reason to start a Motherhood Membership Experience? Read the blog here!

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I am a light and airy Motherhood and Wedding photographer based in Southeast Alabama. I am also a photography educator for beginner photographers looking to learn their camera and launch their dream biz!

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