WHY a Motherhood Membership Program?

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A Motherhood Membership Program CHANGED my entire business. I came up with the idea to create a membership program that didn’t leave mamas hanging after they had their maternity and newborn sessions with me. I designed a Motherhood Membership experience that allowed me to document their growing bump and growing baby. It’s your lucky day because today I am going to tell you exactly WHY you should implement a Motherhood Membership into your Photography biz.

a mother in a blue and white long sleeve dress sits on a white bed with her baby wrapped in a white swaddle as she and her husband who is wearing a blue and green checkered button down and khaki pants look down at their baby

WHY- It Set My Business A Part

Few photographers in my area specialize in Motherhood Photography. Few of those that do claim it as their specialty offer any type of membership experience that specifically documents mama’s growing bump and belly. It was something different that the mamas in my area wanted. Once I added my client closet to the experience, it all exploded.

WHY – It Elevated My Business

I went from booking $350 newborn sessions to Motherhood Membership Collections valued at thousands of dollars. I began booking lifelong clients who saw the value of my work and experience. The Membership Experience, along with my client closet, put me in a market I didn’t know I could even reach.

WHY- It Shifted Me Out of Weddings

Once I became a mama myself, I WANTED MY WEEKENDS BACK. After shooting 20 weddings pregnant and postpartum in 2021 and another 17 during my little guy’s first year of life, I knew I couldn’t do it anymore. Launching a Motherhood Membership Program allowed me to replace my wedding photography income in literally six months. The beauty of it? I could do sessions in my studio during my little guy’s nap! I GOT MY WEEKENDS BACK!

THIS is why I believe creating a Motherhood Membership Program could change the trajectory of your business. Want tips on marketing your Motherhood Membership Program? Read the blog here! I believe that ANYONE can implement this membership experience into their business. Not sure where to start? Make sure you join my FREE Facebook group. Here I go LIVE weekly and give free tips and tricks! 


I am a light and airy Motherhood and Wedding photographer based in Southeast Alabama. I am also a photography educator for beginner photographers looking to learn their camera and launch their dream biz!

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