My Top 3 Go to Poses for Couples

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If you scroll through my social media and website, you’ll see that couples are my JAM! Whether it’s an engagement or maternity session, couples are my FAV to document. Below I am teaching you my top 3 go to poses for couples. Even better, you can even use these in a maternity session!

Before you read anymore, you MUST make sure you read the blog on my posing workflow. You can read it HERE. It is crucial in posing my couples.

Go to Pose #1: The Profile Pic Pose

I really should trademark this name. This is where you have your couple stand facing you smiling. There are multiple ways to pose them. I always give the girl her good side and ask them to pose like they would for an iPhone pic. I then adjust hands, heads, and outfits accordingly. From there, I implement my posing workflow!

Go to pose #2: The Belly Bump Pose

Another thing I should look into trademarking. I have my couples go to belly to belly. Why is it called the belly bump you ask? Because any time I ask a couple to get into this pose, every male sticks out his belly and makes a weird face. Don’t ask me why, it’s just a thing. From there I implement my posing workflow again to get SO MANY variations. This one right here is where I build the majority of my poses for a couples session.

Go to Pose #3: Walking

By far the easiest pose and one I never have to over explain. I tell them to hold hands, and walk towards me. I have them smile at me, look at each other, and incorporate all of the other things of my posing workflow. This also adds movement to your pictures too!

You could easily do an entire session just by using my top 3 go to poses for couples. How do I know? Because I do these exact base poses for EVERY mini session I do with couples!

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