Three Marketing Tips for Motherhood Photography

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I understand that marketing isn’t everyone’s jam. I’ll be honest, it overwhelms me too! I don’t have the mental capacity (or patience) to fool with Facebook Ads and Google. I launched a Motherhood Membership Program in May of 2022. Within 6 months, I had replaced my wedding income. Guess what? No Facebook Ads or Google rankings were involved. Here are my three marketing tips for Motherhood Photography. 

newborn baby boy lays sleeping on white comforter in white studio space wearing a blue gown and bonnet during a newborn session for motherhood photography

Marketing Tip #1- Market to Mamas

It seems pretty simple right? IT IS! Show more of what you want to shoot. If your goal is to shift into The Motherhood niche, my advice is to quit marketing everything else for a little bit. Don’t have enough motherhood work? Build your portfolio specifically for marketing purposes!

Marketing Tip #2- Explain Your Experience

Potential clients want to see more than your beautiful work. They want to know what your experience is like. What can they expect from you? Why should they book with YOU? For example, some of my favorite ways to showcase my experience my stories on Instagram and my captions on my posts.

Marketing Tip #3- Testimonials Tell All

Lastly, client testimonials are an INCREDIBLE way to market your business. Why? Potential clients want to know what your past clients loved about you and why they would choose you again. This is such an easy way to market your biz. The best part is that it isn’t you tooting your own horn about how great you are, someone else is doing it for you!

I can honestly say THESE three marketing tips for motherhood photography is all I did to market and grow my Motherhood Photography business in six months. Interested in creating a Motherhood Membership? Read this helpful blog here! For more motherhood photography tips and tricks, join my FREE Facebook group. Here I go LIVE weekly and give free tips and tricks! 


I am a light and airy Motherhood and Wedding photographer based in Southeast Alabama. I am also a photography educator for beginner photographers looking to learn their camera and launch their dream biz!

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